Palin: Mubarak Relationship “Not Moral or Ethical”


Alaskan tells Fox Business Network “reciprocal” connection between U.S., Egypt “makes sense,” but nation must “pull back on those countries where the money isn’t doing any good.”


Former Alaska Governor and FOX News contributor Sarah Palin appeared on FOX Business Network (FBN) to discuss the Tea Party as well as the turmoil in Egypt.

On the Tea Party:
“I thank God Tea Party Americans were elected into this new congress to show some new ways to the old guard. What happened in this last election was a big wake up call. This new congress filled with Tea Party patriots I think awakened a lot of Americans who share with them the values and ideas that we can reign in government. I think with all due respect to those who have served honorably for many years, but perhaps, have gotten a little bit off track in terms of spending too much money that we do not have.”

On whether Americans should be supporting the uprising in Egypt:
“It’s right for Americans to try to figure out who’s on first in this situation. What goes on in Egypt and throughout the Middle East affects America. It is important that we root for people who are truly seeking democracy and freedoms.”

On whether the United States should have been giving foreign aid to President Mubarak:
“Over 30 years of standing by Mubarak’s side and he essentially standing with America on a lot of our interests it makes sense that we have a reciprocal relationship but no it is not moral or ethical. We are watching Mubarak and realizing the billions of dollars that have been spent, he’s become rich, a lot of the dictatorship has personally benefited. So where do those funds end up? We need to pull back on those countries where the money isn’t doing any good.”

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