Painting Nicely by Numbers


Thune at CPAC pleasantly hits conservative hot buttons, leavened with anti-Obama mockery.

Personal stories and tone keep attentive crowd engaged, but raptureless.

“A new seating chart is not bipartisanship.”

“Investment just means more spending.”

“Since 2003, we’ve seen the largest expansion of government since the 1960’s. That means a lot less freedom…. And we’re paying for it with borrowed money… President Obama likes to talk about winning the future. But you can’t win tomorrow if you’re paying for it by mortgaging the big programs of today.”

“We don’t need to fundamentally transform America. We need to stay true to who we are.”

“The true measure of success is not much our government can do for us, but by how much we can achieve.”

“Let’s go back to the spending of 2008… Let’s make elections about how much we can save, not about how much we can spend. Let’s create a whole congressional committee to reduce the deficit by cutting spending…. We have 26 committees focused on spending your money. Isn’t it time we have one that focuses on saving your money.”

“The time has come to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.”

On health care: “We ought to defund it…. We need to give every state the option to opt out.”

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