Friday Briefing


Egypt, economy top the agenda in session with Goolsbee, Sperling Gibbs and reporters.

Goolsbee: “The jobs report represents an overall trend of growth.”

“All sides agree we have to cut, the question is where.”

Gibbs On Egypt: “I think the message… is first and foremost continued restraint.”

“We are continuing to get very disturbing reports about what you could only say is the very systematic targeting of journalists, particularly international journalists.”

“The message has to be the need to take quick, concrete steps towards transition. This is not for us to determine.”

On intelligence before outbreak of protests: “The president expects that he will be provided with relevant, timely and accurate intelligence assessments, and that’s exactly what’s been done throughout this whole process.”

“We have a vested interest in the foreign policy of Egypt and how it affects our national interest.”

On Camp David Accord: “Our expectation is that whatever the next government is, that it will respect the previous agreements.”

“We support the aspirations of those in Cairo, Alexandria, in countries throughout the world to see governments respect their basic freedoms of life.”

On whether he’s heard anything about assassination attempts of VP Suleiman: “I’m not going to get into that question.”

On Emanuel mayoral bid: “I think Rahm’s still shoveling out the president’s sidewalk.”

On Iranian commentary regarding Egypt: “I think the world challenges them to have their words match their actions.”

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