Beachside BBQ


First family and friends drive to Mokuleia for Thursday afternoon barbecue.

Earlier: Obamas extend vacation in Hawaii until January 3.

Pool Report #6:
Like clockwork, motorcade was back on Kailuana Place at 9 pm HST, after another 55-minute drive along the same route we took out.

POTUS and first family in for the night, a lid was quickly called. Good night from Kailua.

Pool Report #5:
Motorcade rolling out from North Shore residence of Bobby Titcomb at 8:05 PM HST, after six and a half hours at a BBQ with family, friends and staff.

As we passed on local road in the dark a mile or so from point of departure, small crowds stood waving, even heard a cheerful shout.

Pool hasn’t seen POTUS today other than brief glimpses of him in his armored SUV.

Should be on the road for much of the next hour.

Pool Report #4:

As pool continues to hold at the Dillingham Airfield, WH spokesman Bill Burton sends word that the president is eating bbq, playing volleyball and hanging out on the beach with family and friends.

Some members of the traveling White House staff are there as well.

Nearly four hours after POTUS arrived for the bbq at Bobby Titcomb’s beachside home, the sun is getting low on the horizon, ducking now behind the cliffs off the beach. Weather has been ideal today, which hasn’t always been the case since the president arrived last Wednesday night (well, by Hawaii standards, at least). Some occasionally gusty trade winds.

We are girding for another few hours here.

Pool Report #3:

President Obama, the first family and first friends drive across Oahu for a BBQ

POTUS’ motorcade departed Kailua at 12:40 PM HST, arriving at the North Shore home of Hawaii pal Bobby Titcomb at 1:35 PM. The name of the town is Mokuleia, pool is holding at Dillingham Airfield.

The often scenic drive across Oahu took us from Kailua on to H3 West, to H1 West, to H2 North, and ultimately local roads to our destination. One flashing sign on the highway urged: “Drive with Aloha.”

With the larger-than-usual traveling party, I counted 18 vehicles, including pool van and local police vehicles.

Other cars were stopped along the route at onramps and sidestreets. Onlookers were often waving or flashing the “shaka” sign as we passed. Approaching our destination, a group standing near the airfield had a sign ready: “Hi Mr. Prez.”

The airfield is dormant today because of security. A shame, says Bill Star, one the operators of Orignal Glider Rides, considering this is the first day of excellent weather this week.

Pool is expecting a long stay here as the first family enjoys the BBQ (not a luau, pool is told). Will update as events warrant.

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