Kailua Links


Obama hits the golf course Tuesday in Hawaii.

And: The family goes snorkeling.

Plus: NY Times on Obama’s traveling team focusing on terror.

Pool report 5

Motorcade rolled from home at 1:44 pm and arrived 10 minutes later at
Mid Pacific Country Club in Kailua for ….you guessed it, golf.
Including a photo-op on the first hole, with Mr. Obama driving his own
cart at some distance away from your pool. We did not see him golfing.

POTUS’ partners at the private club —members and guests only —
include Mike Ramos, Eric whitaker and Marty Nesbitt.

The club is in the ritzy Lanikai neighborhood, where locals say
Michelle Pfeiffer has a home. Pool is holding for the foreseeable
future in a lovely restaurant overlooking the course.

ool Report 6
Pool was taken out to the ninth hole for a glimpse of POTUS on the links. He approached the green driving his own cart, with his left leg dangling out of the vehicle. He was wearing a white shirt, tan ball cap and brown shirts.
POTUS shot a five on the hole, but Marty Nesbitt must have had the better putting game. “Your putting’s on fire,’’ the president said to him at one point. At another point, Eric Whitaker was taking his approach shot to the green from behind a tree in the rough, and the ball whizzed past the president, missing him by about two feet.
Once the president was on the green, he shot a 12-foot putt that missed the hole (it went wide, to the left.) His second putt, about 2 feet from the hole, went in. Mr. Obama, looking satisfied, walked away from the green, tossing the ball up and down into his hand. “Thank you guys!’’ he called to about 30 onlookers who were standing on a balcony above him. Your pool makes no judgments on the presidential golfing performance, but the golf pro at the club, Mark Sousa, who was also on the balcony, did.
“His swing looks a lot better this year,’’ Mr. Sousa said – before the president putted in front of the cameras. Mr. Sousa said he had observed Mr. Obama on the driving range earlier, while the president was waiting to tee off.
Unlikely POTUS will finish all 9 holes before sunset. Pool still holding in the restaurant.

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