Hawaiian Holiday


Obama hits the gym, golf course Thursday in Kailua.

And: Trip briefly disrupted by police chase through a security checkpoint.

Pool Report #5:
Motorcade rolling from golf course at 4:35 HST, returned to POTUS’ compound shortly after.

A lid was called at 4:53.

Some context on the security barricades to follow up on previous note:

There is an initial barricade and check point just off Kalaheo Avenue on Kailuana Place, the street leading to POTUS rental property. There is a second set of barricades less than a quarter mile further down Kailuana Place closer to the rental.

Will follow up if anything else reported to the pool. Otherwise signing off en route back to Waikiki.

Pool Report #4:
Edwin Donovan of the United States Secret Service Public affairs called with the following information regarding reports of an incident involving the president’s vacation home:

“Honolulu police were going to arrest someone they had traffic warrants for. He was able to get away from them, and led them in a high-speed chase which ultimately led to one of our checkpoints.”

He was arrested a short time later, Donovan said. Secret Service was not involved.

The activity, he emphasized, was unrelated to the president’s visit.

An investigation continues by the Honolulu Police Department, and he referred furthered questions to them.

The president has been at the Klipper Golf Course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii since just before 11:30 am HST. Pool was able to observe POTUS on the 18th green just after 4:15 HST.

Pool Report #3:

POTUS is golfing.

Motorcade rolled out from POTUS home at 11:17 HT. Arrived back at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at 11:23, en route to the Klipper Golf Course. Boasts spectacular ocean views, we’re told.

The pool van again split off from the motorcade, and we’re again holding for the time being at same McDonalds. We’re told after a short wait we’ll move to clubhouse.

This would appear to be Mr. Obama’s first full golf outing in nearly two months. A search thru archives found his last 18 holes was on Oct. 24, at Andrews Air Force Base course. TV pool colleagues from CNN find the same in their logs.

Rounding out the foursome, per Finkenbinder, are Hawaii pals Bobby Titcomb and Mike Ramos, and Eric Whitaker from Chicago.

Before the trip, pool held in a separate rental within the same development as POTUS’. Was able to walk out to the beach, where scores of people were out and enjoying the weather, up to the point where a white canopy marks the start of the security perimeter around the first family’s temporary home. A lone videographer, unclear the affiliation, stood ready just before the security line hoping to capture folks in the presidential party. Coast Guard seen in water on patrol.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse, with some white puffy clouds intruding on what had earlier been a flawless, clear day. We’ll manage.

Pool Report #1:

Aloha from Kailua, on the east shore of Oahu.

Eight hours after arriving in Hawaii, POTUS heads for a morning workout.

Motorcade rolled out from his winter White House at 8:16 HST, arriving Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay at 8:23. Pool van separated from rest of motorcade to hold at McDonalds, we did not see who else joined POTUS.

Earlier, pool had arrived approx 7:10 local time near POTUS’ vacation rental, following the scenic half-hour drive from Waikiki at sunrise.

Held there outside a series of barricades running slalom along road leading to his home. Also spotted security patrolling an inlet the runs parallel to Kailuana Place and empties into Kailua Bay.

Neighborhood was quiet, except one man walking his dog who reported a Bo spotting on the beach earlier.

Weather is ideal for POTUS’ first day here, temp in 70s and barely a cloud in sight.

Pool Report:
He was given and put on a green lei after he got off the plane. Motorcade ride of 25 minutes from air force base. He arrived at residence in kailua at 12:25 local time. Lid called. Several neighbors waved as motorcade came onto the block he is staying on.

Pool Report:

POTUS diverted briefly from his path between the Oval Office and Marine One to shake hands with the camera guys and your poolers huddled out in the frigid air behind the rope line. He had what appeared to be a white holiday-card sized letter in one hand – don’t know what it was.

He wished all a Merry Christmas and boarded Marine One at 6:34 pm. Pete Souza, Reggie Love and a few other staff (apologies it was too dark outside to identify) accompanied. Marine One departed WH at 6:37 pm en route Andrews AFB

Turning over to the travel pool.

Politico: Obama “will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing every day, but there are no public events scheduled,” the White House said in guidance to reporters.

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