Sweet Stopover


Obama, Biden drop by an Indiana bakery Tuesday for some sugary treats.

Pool 7

Potus and Vpotus left the Chrysler plant at 2:38 pm.
Next unannounced stop: the Gingerbread House Bakery.

“How long you guys had this spot?” Potus asked. Pool couldn’t hear the answer.
The cafe is tiny. Potus and Vpotus perused the offerings of pumpkin rolls, cream rolls, apple fritters and other sweet stuff.

Potus: “I understand you guys gor some help from the SBA?” The owners said yes, and Vpotus asked “Could you have gotten along without it?”
Reply was no.

Potus: “The girls arent supposed to have dessert on weekdays but its thanksgiving week.” He asked for a variety of “product.”
Biden: “I want to take two of those cream rolls home.”
Potus: “And for the pool what do you guys want?”
Bashful pool wouldn’t say.
Potus: “You guys just want some donuts?”
“I’m gonna need some apple fritters, pecan rolls,” for the pool.

Biden: “If we give them the whole roll they might not follow us as fast.”

Potus: “I’m buying for the pool.
Man those look good.”

Potus: “The only thing I feel bad about is who ever comes after this won’t have much left.”

After the bakery the two men worked a rope line outside the car wash across the street.

At 3:07 motorcade rolling, but to where, your pool does not know.

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