After Afghan president hails POTUS for setting the “tone right” in morning session Saturday, Obama responds, “That was my goal. Every once in a while, I do things right.”

Just past 3:45 pool came into small room. Genial small talk at the top of the meeting. Obama and Karzai sat across from each other. Karzai had three aides on one side of him and two on the other. Potus had three advisers on each side. To his left, from closest to him: NSA Tom Donilon, Amb. Karl Eikenberry, General Doug Lute; to his right: Sec. Hillary Clinton, General David Petraeus, and Frank Ruggiero, deputy special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mostly the exchange was indecipherable but your pool shared notes and video and came up with this:

POTUS asked, “How’s your family?” Karzai said “Good” and a bit more.

Karzai told POTUS his remarks at the Afghanistan session “set the tone right for the whole meeting.” POTUS said he appreciated it and Karzai replied, “I meant it.”

He asked about POTUS’s departure and Obama said he’d fly out at 7:30. Karzai said he’d be longer, until about 9.

Then we were ousted.

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Don’t know how your pooler could have left this out from Obama-Karzai exchange:
To Karzai’s compliment of POTUS’ remarks at the Afghanistan session, which we don’t have, POTUS not only expressed appreciation but also added, “That was my goal. Every once in a while, I do things right.”

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