Van Hollen Vies for Top Budget Spot


Maryland Rep. reaches out for support to become ranking member on Budget Committee.

Letter from Van Hollen

Dear Colleague:

I write to ask for your support to serve as Ranking Member of the Budget Committee for the 112th Congress.

Over the next two years we will be engaged in a critical debate over how best to strengthen our economy and move our country forward for all Americans.  The Budget Committee will be a central front in this national conversation about how to accelerate job creation and economic growth.  This will not just be a fight over numbers.  It is ultimately a debate about who we are and the future direction of our country.

Our Republican colleagues have made clear their plan to use the budget process to provide a $700 billion tax cut for the wealthiest Americans by adding to our national debt and slashing education and other investments that are necessary for America to compete in the global economy.  Other Republican proposals on Medicare and Social Security would jeopardize the health and retirement security of America’s seniors.  We must fight these upside down priorities at every turn. At the same time, we must offer a well-defined path to put our nation on a fiscally sustainable course.

Having served as a member of the Democratic Leadership and as a member of the Ways and Means Committee, I recognize that the challenges before us are formidable.  Our position as a Caucus must be clear and our arguments must be sharp.  Armed with the facts, we must engage the public at every step of this national debate.

I believe I can serve our Caucus effectively as we confront these challenges and ask for your support to become Ranking Member of the Budget Committee.


Chris Van Hollen
Member of Congress

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