Steele Hopes for Boehner-McConnell Tea Commitment

On “Morning Joe,” RNC Chair says he hopes party leaders understand the public won’t accept business as usual.


Scarborough: “But do you agree with Marco Rubio that this wasn’t so much about the Republican Party as it was a rejection of the Democrats and you guys still have a lot to prove?”

Steele: “Absolutely. I’ve been saying it for 18 months.”

Scarborough: “Rand Paul gets what you’ve been saying for the past 2 years. And you have been saying it for the past 2 years. You said, ‘We Republicans had a chance and we blew it.’ So we know Rand Paul gets it. Does Mitch McConnell get it? Do other Republican establishment figures in the Senate and the House get it? Does John Boehner get it?

Steele: “I hope they do. I think that’s a question that’s more direct to them particularly as they lay out the agenda on the policy side for the next 2 years. I hope they do because I think they’re going to have a new invigorated base out there. You’re going to have the combination of Tea Party still being a play and certainly those members who are coming Congress who grew up out of those grassroots are going to have a lot to say. And I think Rand Paul, Allen West, Tim Scott, Marco Rubio and a host of others are going to play a significant role in not only shaping the agenda for the nation’s future but really firmly anchoring our party to its grassroots and to its base in the constitution again.”

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