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NBC: “What were the voters across this country trying to say? … They split up the government. They made it very clear they don’t like the way things are being run.”

ABC: “We’re still learning a lot about what voters were saying yesterday … with that thunderous shift in the House or Representatives … now a tide of red.”

CBS: “Today we saw a humbled and introspective President Obama after a major political defeat.”

Political summaries:

NBC: The network’s political team has “reassembled on no sleep.” Todd looks at the meaning of the elections presented in “dueling press conferences” Wednesday. Obama showed “new willingness” to compromise and became “uncharacteristically self-reflective” during post-election presser. Another report looks at the newly elected politicians — “there are a lot of new faces, trading places.” Andrea Mitchell breaks down the decline in presidential support among key groups — mainly women, young people and the elderly.

ABC: Tapper recaps Obama’s presser and post-election agenda. Sawyer reviews outcomes of Palin endorsements, including Joe Miller trailing write-in votes. Sawyer’s interview with Pelosi airs later in the program. Get details here.

CBS: Obama didn’t try to “sugar coat” election results in post-election press conference, while Boehner calls president’s policies a “monstrosity.” Couric recaps unresolved
elections (Alaska, Washington). Cordes reports from Washington, says there’s a “shift in demeanor” among Republicans today on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, Pelosi’s plans still up in the air. Couric looks at Palin and Tea Party score following the election. So far, 31 Palin-endorsed candidates have won House seats, while 16 lost their congressional bids. Six Palin-endorsed candidates won Senate races while four lost. Tea Partiers won 36 House races, lost 76. The conservative movement also won three Senate seats and lost three Senate races. Schieffer and Greenfield join Couric to discuss how the Democrats will nurse a “major midterm hangover.”

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