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Top stories from Tuesday a.m. programs:

Today: “Decision day 2010. Voters head to the polls for the crucial midterm elections… will Tea Party candidates have another big day? And what will it all mean for President Obama?”
Guests: Barbour and Kaine

GMA: “Polls are open across the country. More than 500 races—the Senate and House at stake.”
Guests: Anita Dunn and Nicolle Wallace

Morning Joe: Brzezinski: “It’s Tuesday, November 2, Election day.” Scarborough: “I wonder though Mika, I’m hearing reports, Gallup apparently reporting that Republicans may pick up as much 90 seats. I wonder if we’re going to have a 2010 equivalent of Dewey wins.”
Guests: Kaine, Barbour, McDonnell

Early Show: “Decision day, voters head to the polls for the critical midterm elections as Republicans hope to take back control of Congress while President Obama and the Democrats brace for what could be substantial losses.”
Guest: Mike Pence

Fox & Friends: Poll openings.

American Morning: “Today is the day, election day 2010, American’s around the country heading to the polls and of course the power in Washington is up for grabs.”

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