House D to R

AL-02: Roby replaces Bright

AR-01: Crawford replaces Berry

AZ-01: Gosar replaces Kirkpatrick

AZ-05: Schweikert replaces Mitchell

FL-02: Southerland replaces Boyd

FL-08: Webster replaces Grayson

FL-22: West replaces Klein

FL-24: Adams replaces Kosmas

GA-02: Keown replaces Bishop (AP “uncalled” the race)

GA-08: Scott replaces Marshall

IL-11: Kinzinger replaces Halvorson

IL-14: Hultgren replaces Foster

IL-17: Schilling replaces Hare

IN-08: Buschon replaces Ellsworth

LA-03: Landry replaces Melancon

MI-01: Benishek replaces Stupak

MI-07: Walberg replaces Schauer

MO-04: Hartzler replaces Skelton

MS-01: Nunnelee replaces Childers

MS-04: Palazzo replaces Taylor

NC-02: Ellmers replaces Etheridge

ND-AL: Berg replaces Pomeroy

NH-01: Guinta replaces Shea-Porter

NH-02: Bass replaces Hodes

NM-02: Pearce replaces Teague

NJ-03: Runyan replaces Adler

NY-13: Grimm replaces McMahon

NY-20: Gibson replaces Murphy

NY-24: Hanna replaces Arcuri

NY-29: Reed replaces Massa

OH-01: Chabot replaces Driehaus

OH-06: Johnson replaces Wilson

OH-15: Stivers replaces Kilroy

OH-16: Renacci replaces Boccieri

OH-18: Gibbs replaces Space

PA-03: Kelly replaces Dahlkemper

PA-07: Meehan replaces Sestak

PA-08: Fitzpatrick replaces Murphy

PA-10: Marino replaces Carney

PA-11: Barletta replaces Kanjorski

SC-05: Mulvaney replaces Spratt

SD-AL: Noem replaces Sandlin

TN-04: DesJarlais replaces Davis

TN-06: Black replaces Gordon

TN-08: Fincher replaces Tanner

TX-17: Flores replaces Edwards

TX-23: Canseco replaces Rodriguez

VA-02: Rigell replaces Nye

VA-05: Hurt replaces Perriello

VA-09: Griffith replaces Boucher

WA-03: Herrera replaces Baird

WI-07: Duffy replaces Obey

WI-08: Ribble replaces Kagen

WV-01: McKinley replaces Mollohan

IN-09: Todd Young replaces Baron Hill

MD-01: Andy Harris replaces Frank Kratovil

CO-04: Cory Gardner replaces Betsy Markey

KS-03: Kevin Yoder defeats Stephene Moore in race for husband U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore’s former seat.

ID-01: Raul Labrador replaces Walt Minnick

MN-08: Cravaack replaces Oberstar

NV-03: Joe Heck replaces Dina Titus

AR-02: Tim Griffin defeats Joyce Elliott in open race.

NY-19: Nan Hayworth defeats John Hall

CO-03: Scott Tipton defeats John Salazar

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