Halperin’s Take: ’94 v ’10

On “Morning Joe,” Mark Halperin says the cruddy economy and the politico-media Freak Show make these midterms more intense.


Halperin: “It’s a great interesting debate to have about now versus ’94. I will say that the difference, and I agree with you it’s a subjective thing, but I agree with you. Ninety-four there was a certain intensity that is in some ways lacking now. But there are two factors that I think make it different than ’94. One is unemployment and outside of the big cities like McLean, I think that you can’t underestimate the degree to which that causes anger and anxiety. The other thing is we’ve gone through since ’94, the rise of the Internet, the rise of cable TV and a period of two 16 years of incredibly polarizing presidents. I think that does add an element to this that makes it more intense in some ways than ’94.”

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