Palin on GOP Establishment: “It’s Very Sleazy”

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Alaska Gov. denounces candidate grooming in interview with FBN’s Cavuto.

She asserts “I won’t back down to a good old boys club.”


On divide between Tea Party and Republicans:

“I am not necessarily a leader of Tea Party Americans but I am certainly a believer in the message. I have never been so obsessively partisan as to let the politics of partisanship get in the way of doing what’s right. I relate to those independents who are within this Tea Party movement who are saying enough is enough. The American public, we are taxed enough already, we want common sense solutions, we want time tested solutions to be applied to get this economy back on track. They believe in smaller, smatter government, so do I.”

On rumors of anti-Palin GOPers:

“Establishment bosses and advisors that try to shape a candidate and get paid to shape that candidate. It’s very sleazy. Some within the establishment don’t like the fact that I won’t back down to a good old boys club I have taken them on for 20 years and I have cleaned up corruption and I have done what the people have hired me have asked me to do, the voters, and I would continue to do that so maybe that makes some people a little uncomfortable. A lot of this has to do with control, power, money. If they know right off the bat that I believe they are sleazy and unethical and part of a machine that’s not good for the country and l wouldn’t hire them, it has to do with a frustration with that.”

On potential 2012 nominees, like Mitt Romney:

“He would be a fine candidate. I didn’t vote for him in the primary. But Mitt Romney would be a good candidate. We have got some great candidates out there. Competition will breed success. We have to make sure in our party we don’t shy away from a competitive primary.”

Opinions of House incumbents including Boehner:

“Every incumbent, if they are so blessed to be able to serve again, they have received this message from the American public, it’s going to be loud and clear on Tuesday. No more business as usual. We are not embracing status quo anymore.”

On whether ballots misspelling Murkowski’s name should be counted:

“No they shouldn’t count. They have never counted before. Now you have these very generous rules that have been changed in the last few days to make it easier for somebody to write in somebody who just lost in the primary.”

On Joe Miller attack ads:

“There has been so much thrown at Joe Miller that has been distractions. A lot light Is being shed on truth about a lot of misreporting thankfully. It so disrespects the American peoples wisdom.”

On whether Joe Miller would support her potential 2012 campaign:

“I think he would.”

On Murkowski’s voting record:

“I don’t think she would allow a sole coalition with Republicans. In fact she had said as much. She has always been wishy-washy on issues and Alaskans have supported her. She’s got a very liberal voting record. She has been wishy-washy on cap and tax which would decimate Alaska’s economy. We are an oil producing state, we can’t afford a tax on energy. She’s never been one you can solely count on when it comes to the common sense conservative answers in America today.”

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