“I Feel Great”


POTUS feeds Drudge/Fox a tailor-made line in surprise Chicago breakfast stop Sunday.

Pool report:

Surprise breakfast stop at Valois Cafeteria, busy local place, with Gov, Quinn and Alexi Giannoulias. The president walked in, shook a lot of hands and took a few questions as he ordered pancakes and eggs and turkey sausage to go.

Your pooler asked how he was feeling about Democrats in the final days.

“I feel great. If we got good turnout, Pat’s gonna win, Alexi’s going to win.That’s why turnout is so important. So we’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm. But it’s going to be tight. These are close races. It’s true here, its true in Ohio, It’s true in every state where we’re competing. And obviously the other side is enthusiastic. we’ve got to make sure our side is too.”

Now, some color:
The cafeteria is obviously an Obama kind of place. A big sign on the wall boasts of “President Obama’s favorites, including steak and eggs for $8.95. Mr. Obama shook lots of hands ,posed for pictures and greeted diners at a leisurely pace. Then he walked up to the counter, announcing that he was going to have to take his order “to go.” After ordering for himself he announced, “Hey, we’ve got to get the governor something!” Mr. Quinn asked for some scrambled eggs and sausage.

Having ordered, the president moved down the counter, where a food server, Barbara Davis, positioned herself before before him, telling reporters, “Excuse me guys, I’ve got to wait on the president” . Mr. Obama reached across the counter and clasped Ms. Davis’ hands, pausing for a long moment to chat with her. He told her he didnt want to leave his hometown, but “there’s a great guy in Ohio I’ve got to go help out.” He insisted on paying, pulling out a wad of cash wrapped in a $20 bill. He later took some questions from local television reporters, beyond earshot of your pool, though poolers did hear him say that Alexi and Quinn were working hard and “they’re going to be working this hard on behalf of working families.”

As he left the restaurant,the president called out, “Everybody, remember to vote!” .

Chopper landing and we are boarding AF1 for Cleveland. See you there.

The president brought his “Go aek sure our side is too.”

lots of color but we are getting on chopper…more to come.

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