Halperin’s Take: Obama Must Fight

On “Meet the Press,” Mark Halperin says the president has to be seen as battling for America — in order to save himself.


Halperin: “He is not seen as someone who gets up every day fighting for the American people. And what’s going to be on the line starting Tuesday night for him is if he’s not seen very quickly as fighting for the American people, for jobs and for their future, he’s going to not win the fight to get re-elected or to have a successful second half of this term.”

Gregory: “How does the president change the game again? Because that’s what he needs here. He’s going to have a different looking Washington. He’s got to do something.”

Halperin: “He can’t be passive and he can’t assume, people said it’s better for him politically if Republicans take back control of Congress. He can’t assume that will automatically be better for him. He is not focused on his re-election as much as he is focused on getting things done. and getting things done with Republicans in control of the House almost certainly and having a working majority in the Senate, is going to be difficult. He can not just sit back. He has to not only as, you talked about it before from “Game Change,” have a theory of the case. He’s also got to think about expanding his circle. He must improve his relationship with the business community in this country. And he must win back the independent voters who are going to vote in droves for Republicans on Tuesday.”

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