Halperin’s Take: Murkowski’s Alaska

On “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Mark Halperin says the incumbent is the favorite but beware a recount.


Mitchell: “Let’s turn to Alaska because this is really an upside down race where the Republican Joe Miller has really been collapsing. Murkowski now, do you think she has a real shot of winning or is this, could this possibly be a Democratic pick-up?”

Halperin: “I think she’s the favorite to win. In normal states it’s very hard to get the word out that you’ve got a write-in candidate, about how you have to fill in the oval and write in her name. Alaska is not a normal state in the sense that everyone up there, it’s like a small town, everyone up there knows that Lisa Murkowski’s running as an independent. I think she’s run a good campaign, unlike when she lost to Miller in the nomination fight in the primary. I think she’s run a good campaign. And the nightmare scenario for those who want a clean result on Tuesday is the Democrats win the ten seats they need to win net in order to take a majority control but Alaska’s up in the air. Maybe Murkowski finishes first but she’s not that far ahead of the Democrat and then we have to go through and see if there’s a recount over some of her write-ins being disqualified.”

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