Halperin’s Take: “Do Not Write Reid Off”

On “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Mark Halperin says the Majority Leader’s long-term focus on turnout might pull him through Tuesday.

Plus: Ralston predicts Reid “will hold on,” expects 2-point edge above Angle.


Mitchell: “Let’s take a look at some of those Senate seats that we’ve just been talking about. The most important symbolically certainly is Harry Reid. What are you looking at out there?”

Halperin: “Well it has every theme that’s been key in this race. And from the Democrats point of view — to lose the majority leader position, the most senior Democrat in the senate, to someone who they believe is unqualified to serve in the Senate — would be quite a blow. I think right now, you’ve got anyone who tells you that they think they know who’s going to win that race is kidding you. Because no one is enthusiastic about Harry Reid, very few people are. But Reid’s done a very good job in his advertising in his campaigning of trying to disqualify her. And that’s been one of the themes we’ve watched since January really where Democrats have said, ‘We’re not going to win a referendum up or down on our incumbents, we have to disqualify the Republican opponents as unqualified.’ And they’ve done a pretty good job on that. If you ask me today, I’d say do not write Reid off. I don’t know that he’s going to win but I would not write him off, even if there’s a national tide.”

Mitchell: “Because he may have an election day operation. The operation that he created for the caucuses for Barack Obama: labor, Hispanics. Hispanics very angry at ads there that Sharron Angle has run or that were run on her behalf that were a lot of people think really racist.”

Halperin: “One of the things we’ve said all year is Democrats, unlike 1994, have seen this coming and many of them have prepared for months and months and years in some cases for the possibility that they’d face a tough challenge. Most of those will not be able to save themselves. Reid might in part because as you said, part of why he fought to have those Democratic caucuses in the presidential contest in his state was to build up a list of Democrats, a big participation of people who he could then bring in this year to vote for him: labor, Hispanics. And people again were turned off Sharron Angle including some Republicans and independents.”

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