Halperin’s Take: 3 Changes to the Murkowski Equation

On “Hardball,” Mark Halperin says a series of “virtually simultaneous” events has given the incumbent the upper hand.


Matthews: “Is this a game change event up there? Is it possible a Democrat can win but is it probable that Murkowski, the perhaps once and future senator will win this race?”

Halperin: “I’ve thought for a while she’s going to win. Three things happened virtually simultaneously. Murkowski ran a good campaign, unlike the way she ran when she lost the nomination to Miller. Two, Miller was hit with a bunch of things including this ethics flap over being dishonest about using a government computer and he went down. And the third thing that happened is Republicans realized that it is not impossible that they could somehow win their 10 seats in the continental United States, net 10 seats to get the majority, and then have this fluke happen in Alaska where they lose to a Democrat…I think they are going to step back, cross their fingers and hope and assume that Murkowski wins as a write-in in a state where that’s absolutely possible.”

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