Land of Lincoln’s Last Debate

Brady and Quinn talk Blago, budget and blogsĀ  in final match Thursday.


Brady: “The first thing you and [Gov. Blagojevich] did was ignore it.”

Brady: Calls Quinn “disingenuous” and dishonest.”

Quinn: Says he has the “courage” to cut the budget.

Brady: “Governor Quinn doesn’t have a solution.”

Quinn: “I enacted public pension reform” for new hires, says you can’t change it for existing employees because it’s against the Constitution.

Quinn: “I have cut the budget — you have done nothing of the kind.”

Brady: Says no matter how many times you said it, it doesn’t make it true … Says his spending elevated.

Brady: On Blago, “You can’t blame it all on him.”

Quinn: “He announced to the whole world that I was not part of his administration.”

Equal pay:

Quinn: “I believe in equal pay for equal work.” Says they need legislation/need to enforce legislation.

Quinn: “I believe in the minimum wage.”

Brady: “I voted for equal pay.” Says the gov’s campaign has been “lying about” his position.

Tax returns:

Brady: Calls this a “personal issue.”

Quinn: Says if someone shows up at his office, they can see his tax returns — any time during business hours.


“I’m a pretty frugal guy — I do stay at Super 8.”


— Brady says he doesnt really follow blogs, reads newspapers on the road.

— Quinn says he reads politico blogs and keeps up with sports blogs while campaigning. Both candidates bond over being Bolts fans.

Personal attacks/negativity:

Brady: “We don’t go personally negative against any candidate.”


Brady: “I’m pro-life and I’m proud of it … I don’t use this as a divisive issue.”

Brady: “I dont believe we should criminalize women.”

Brady: “This is a federal issue.”

On immigration:

Quinn: Says “we’re not going to single out people” calls AZ immi law “racial profiling.”

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