Halperin’s/Heilemann’s Take: Democratic Frustration is Showing

On “Today,” the Game Change Duo talk about why Democrats are still pounding the message of special interest money despite the facts.


Lauer: “You’re hearing a lot of Democrats out there, even the president, complaining about money that is pouring in from Republican groups into some races across the country. And yet if you look at the numbers out there, Democrats across the country in Congressional races are far outspending their Republican opponents. Why do they keep banging this drum?”

Halperin: “In part because they’re frustrated. They don’t have much to talk about. The president knows the things he’s accomplished, that he’s talked to John Stewart about are not popular with the voters. They’re trying to rally those Democrats who do care about money even though as you suggested the facts aren’t really on their side regarding the overall spending.

Lauer: “You think this is frustration? You’re spending all this money and you don’t have a lot to show for it in the polls, so we might as well blame them for spending too much?”

Heilemann: “Yeah I think that’s true. And I also think they’re trying to script a narrative for what’s likely to be a bad outcome for them on November 2nd so they can look up and say, ‘You know we lost largely because of this influx of largely secret money, of foreign money.’ They’re trying to lay an excuse in events.”

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