Halperin’s Take: Stewart/Colbert Turnout As Predictive As a Ouija Board

On “Today,” Mark Halperin says Saturday’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” won’t be a guide to Tuesday’s outcome.


Lauer: “Let me stay on John Stewart for a second. He’s got a big rally this weekend in Washington, this ‘Rally to Restore Sanity.’ It is the counterpunch to the Tea Party rallies that we’ve seen all across the country. It might sound like a weird question: Based on the turnout that we see for that rally, will we be able to gauge and evaluate the enthusiasm that the anti-Tea Party people have in this election right now?”

Halperin: “It will be as exactly a good barometer as a Ouija board… And a lot of the times you’ve seen the president in the last 2 weeks going around the country, big crowds reminiscent of 2008, tens of thousands. That doesn’t mean anything. In a national election turning people out for celebrities or for the president, who is a celebrity, it doesn’t tell you what you need to know. What you need to know is all the polls show that enthusiasm gap that we’ve seen now for over a year has sustained into November.”

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