Clinton Denies Explicity Asking Meek to Drop Out

42 tells CNN’s Candiotti he advised the Florida Dem to “do what he thought was right,” says he did not have discussion with the White House.

Former president cites friendship with the candidate and says “it would be wrong for me to discuss” the conversation further.

Earlier: Politico reports Democratic Sunshine State Senate nominee backs out of Clinton-hatched plan to endorse Crist.

Clinton to CNN’s Susan Candiotti:

— From Candiotti on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.

— Candiotti said that Clinton acknowledged having a conversation with Meek. Clinton said Meek wanted to talk to him about it because he was concerned that Meek and Gov. Crist would split the progressive vote. Candiotti said Clinton said it was Meek’s idea to discuss it and he denies discussing the idea with the White House.

From Clinton: Meek was “trying to decide what to do and I talked to him and I told him that — we went through everything. We talked about it a couple times and I said in the end, you know, you have to do what he thought was right … what he felt best about, felt right about.”

“I think in terms of what I said to him and what he said to me — since he’s my friend and he’s the candidate and he wanted us to talk as we always have, I have to let him say whatever he wants to say about our conversation … it would be wrong for me to discuss it.”

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