Trumka: Do It For Harry


AFL-CIO head stumps for the Leader, tells Reno-ralliers to “keep our champion” Tuesday.

Prepared remarks:

Thank you. It’s great to be in Nevada! Ground Zero in the battle to put working men and women before the oil companies and the corporate lobbyists and Wall Street

Sharron Angle wouldn’t even be a contender in this race, if it weren’t for the millions from secret, corporate donors

Sharron Angle doesn’t know the first thing about how to get America back on track. She called jobless workers “spoiled.” She apologized to BP after the oil spill! She dreams of dismantling Social Security. She doesn’t understand unemployment, the housing crisis, or why America needs a minimum wage

I’ve got one question for you: Are you going to let corporate CEOs buy Harry Reid’s seat? Are you? I didn’t think so!

For every dollar dumped into this race, go out and knock on one door, drop one leaflet, talk to one co-worker, get one person to the polls. Let’s make this the most expensive race the Party of No ever lost

Do it for Harry Reid! He’s our champion

Just look at him! Come on! Don’t you love him? He’s a guy from Searchlight, Nevada, who never let long odds keep him from pursuing his dream

And let me tell you, his dream is a lot like our vision for America

Harry Reid knows what he’s doing. He knows what we need—and how to deliver it

Harry will keep working for good jobs, for public services, for green energy investments. He’s working for a better future for our children, and strong pensions and Social Security for our seniors. And he’s working hard for the Employee Free Choice Act to finally restore the freedom to choose a union and bargain that every worker deserves

If we’re going to keep our champion, we’ve got to fight for him

We know our labor-to-labor political program works. We know people-power works. Let’s prove that the so-called Club for Growth doesn’t—not with union members

When we reach out to our brothers and sisters, we know we have shared values, we have a shared history and we will have a shared future

When you knock on a door for Harry, you’re talking to a union brother or sister who knows you stand with them

Your face-to-face interactions are worth more than millions spent on TV ads. When you phone bank, when you go door-to-door, you build lasting support for this man right here

Our Senate Majority Leader needs our support. These elections are going to be decided by razor-thin margins. Precinct by precinct. By 20 votes here. By 10 votes there! Every single vote counts

Since early voting has begun, you’ve shown us there’s no enthusiasm gap in Nevada. You’re driving record turnout. That’s what we need

Then win Washoe County for Harry! You can do it. Your get-out-the-vote effort is working! You and your members are being counted. But you’ve got more to do

Keep fighting, keep it up all the way to November 2, because on Wednesday, November 3, we’re going to push even harder for jobs

So stand together. March together. Knock on doors together

Let’s fight together, and we’ll win together! For Harry Reid!

I’m proud to be fighting alongside you. Thank you! And God bless you! And now I’m going to give you our good friend Harry Reid!

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