Obama “Confident” About Midterms

President tells radio host Michael Smerconish House will be “close race,” says citizens “don’t want games… they want us to focus on jobs.”

Plus: Says million-dollar ad spending makes campaigning on health care reform “difficult.”


“I think the only poll that matters is going to be on November 2nd and I still feel confident that it is a very close¬† race in terms of the House.”

“Voters… don’t want games, they don’t want posturing, they don’t want business as usual. They want us to focus on them, on jobs, on the economy, on keeping small businesses open. And my expectation is that Republicans, should they win additional seats, should they be in a position to hopefully take more responsibility working with us are going to say to themselves that it’s important for us to show some accomplishments over the next couple of years.”

“I think that you’ve seen a couple of hundred million dollars worth of negative TV ads that make it very difficult to do so. I mean the fact of the matter is that there was a awful lot of misinformation about this health care bill while we were debating it and that has continued after we’ve finished debating it and after it’s in the laws.”

“My strong belief…is that you wake up every day, you do what you think is right and you make sure that you’re not embarrassed about what you thought was right even if it’s not politically expedient and that’s how I’ve tried to govern.”

“…people don’t want to hear a lot of happy-talk and we shouldn’t pretend that we’ve solved every problem out there. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“The key question for folks who are looking forward is, ‘What is the agenda to bring about growth and expand our middle class over the next 2 years.’ And the fact of the matter is it’s very hard to figure out from the Republicans what exactly that agenda would be.”

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