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Various Networks

NBC: Six days away from “what could be a reshaping midterm election.”

ABC: A look at “a land storm with the power of a category 3 hurricane,” with trees snapping “like toothpicks” and houses being “knocked over like legos.”

CBS: “Voters appear ready to show incumbents the door.”

ABC: Obama moves from the campaign trail to the airwaves, with radio and blogger interviews and an appearance on the “Daily Show.” Tapper says the president “did not exactly project confidence” in a radio interview today. Another segment debunks misleading GOP ads targeting Dems for supporting ties to China. Interview with Schwarzenegger addresses acting future, family and energy policy (says some Washington politicians have “no guts” on the issue).

NBC: Chuck Todd says focus now for Democrats is “simply saving as many seats as they can” in the House, noting Obama’s Charlottesville, Bridgeport and Chicago stops this weekend. It’s about “making a bad night not get worse.” Summarizes president’s media blitz, including Stewart and Obama’s heated discussions on the topics of health care and Summers. Gregory discusses negativity in Brown/Whitman campaign, highlights the benefits and gambles of using negative ads and making personal attacks. In Florida, Alex Sink continues to explain text message controversy and NBC questions “will this slip up have any impact on Tuesday?”

CBS: A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows 8 out of 10 say “it’s time to throw the rascals out.” Thirty-two percent say House vote is against Obama. Republicans ask candidate Al Reynolds to step down for state Senate in Illinois following racist comments. Federal judge rules WWE clothing not considered political advertising. Report from New Jersey talks to black voters about support for Obama.

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