Whitman on Brown: Non-Existent Mr. Nice Guy


California gov. candidate’s campaign defends ads as “fair and truthful,” while dubbing opponent’s attacks “character assassination” in Tuesday statement.

Earlier: NBC’s Lauer calls on gov. candidates to “end the negativity” during appearance with Schwarzenegger at Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference.

From Sarah Pompei, Meg Whitman 2010:

“Our campaign is going to continue to advertise Meg’s positive vision for California, while also running fair and truthful ads that highlight Jerry Brown’s long record on the issues. For more than six months, the Brown campaign and its allies in the public employee unions have been running a negative campaign against Meg Whitman. Most of their advertising attacks have focused on character assassination, avoiding any real discussion of the important issues that are of interest to Californians. In July, Jerry Brown’s campaign manager foreshadowed the strategy behind their attack-style campaign and declared a ‘war on character issues’. A declaration that came just months after Jerry Brown was videotaped behind closed doors making pleas to his special interest allies in Sacramento to ‘attack’ so he could be ‘the nice guy’. California’s voters deserve better. Jerry Brown can keep trying to fool the public that he’s ‘the nice guy’ but in reality he’s a cynical career politician running a cynical and negative campaign. The Brown campaign should pull its misleading character attacks on Meg Whitman and instead use its advertising to conduct an honest debate on the issues, something that has been missing from the Brown campaign for months.”

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