Accountant v. Lawyer

Haley hits Sheheen for lawyer record, while the Dem guv candidate says he’d rather a lawyer “than an accountant that didn’t pay her taxes.”

Education funding:

Haley: “When we fund a school, just send them a money.” Says they should not tell universities and colleges how to spend their money.

Sheheen: “I don’t think we need to abolish all the boards of trustees.”

Health insurance:

Sheheen: “If there are good things like covering pre-existing conditions … then we ought to try to make things work.”

Haley: “Senator, you can’t split the cow.” Promises to fight the health care mandate and form a coalition of governors.”We’re stuck with the whole cow.”

Sheheen: “I’m willing to stand up against mandates and I will.”

Incentives for businesses:

Haley: Says we need to make sure that it is “our small business benefiting from” big corporations coming to the state.

Sheheen: “We’ve been allowing other states to out-recruit” South Carolina.

Sheheen: Says he’d rather have a lawyer be governor “than an accountant that didn’t pay her taxes.”

Haley: Says lawyer legislators should not be sitting on committees.

Sheheen and Haley have heated back and forth about Haley’s career background and work experience. Haley accuses Sheheen of suing taxpayers while profiting from them.

Biggest single problem:

Sheheen: “Unemployment rate.”

Haley: “We have a cultural problem in South Carolina that we have to acknowledge.” Addresses illiteracy and drug issues among job applicants.

Haley: Says she will bring in a “huge faith-based coalition.”


Haley hits Sheheen for not disclosing clients.

Sheheen: “I’ve released ten years of my tax returns”

Sheheen: “I cant disclose” all of my clients “because I’d get disbarred.”

Tea Party:

Haley: “As we go across this state … I have never seen people more spirited about their government … it’s a beautiful thing.”

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