Halperin’s Take: Democrats in Mucho House Danger

Mark Halperin on “Morning Joe” says deep-pocketed Republicans have expanded the universe of threatened Democratic-held seats from 55 to around 90.

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Halperin: “And the biggest danger is on the House side for two reasons. Democrats have some things going for them. Races have tightened a little bit but the two big things Republicans have going for them is the field is bigger, maybe than it’s been in our lifetime maybe up to a hundred seats in play. So if there’s a wave there’s a lot of incumbent Democrats who can be washed away.”

Scarborough: “Let me stop you right there. There is no question. There are more seats in play in 2010 in the House of Representatives, Charlie Cook says up to a hundred, than have ever been in play before.”

Halperin: “Right. And this is not just an abstract, people throwing names out, saying it’s a hundred. There are 90 races up from 55 just a few weeks ago where Republicans are spending money on television ads against incumbent Democratic seats. That is a huge number. And the other thing the Republicans have going for them besides the huge number is money. They now, because of their momentum, they’re playing in these 90 races, outside groups are playing, that means no Republican’s going to lose because they are badly outspent. That’s a real danger if this wave comes over it could crash over scores of Democratic incumbents.”

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