Halperin’s Take: As Goes Nevada…

On “Morning Joe,” Mark Halperin talks about three reasons why Reid vs Angle is symbolically key for Democrats.


Halperin: “This race is important because Reid is the leader but it’s also representative of Democratic hopes around the country on three levels. One is can Democrats demonize their Republican opponents? Sharron Angle has provided a more bigger target for that than most Republicans but Reid is on the air. Now, Pat said the issue is Reid. Reid has done a very effective job for a lot of voters out here of making Angle the issue… The second reason this race is a big deal for Democrats nationally is because of the unions. Because I think if Democrats are going to save themselves in individual races it’s going to be where the unions are really pouring money. And then finally, it’s a place where so much advertising is on the air. The question is, is there a level where there’s just too much.”

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