The Cold War

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Alaska Senate candidates duke it out in Sunday debate over tax cuts, border security and competence.


McAdams: “You don’t balance a federal budget on the backs of kids, on the backs of rural communities, on the backs of seniors while we continue to give tax cuts to the richest 1 percent of American multi-millionaires and provide tax loopholes to multi-national corporations.”

McAdams: “Today in the Social Security program there is an artificial collar or a cap at the $106,000 mark for wage earners. And what that means is that a worker on the north slope who makes $106,000 a year pays the same payroll tax as the CEO of a bank who makes $10 million a year on Wall Street. Now if that artificial cap, if that artificial collar were removed Social Security is solvent for the next 75 years. But you know for far too long, the United States Senate has been a millionaires club doing the bidding of billionaires. It’s time we send a regular Alaskan to the United States Senate to represent every day Alaskans.”

Miller: “When you were appointed by your dad to office the debt was $6 trillion. You now have a debt of $13.5 trillion and climbing. You voted for appropriation after appropriation that expanded the debt load not on this generation but on future generations and you deserve to take some responsibility for that. But I would suggest that what the state needs to do is it needs to start focusing not on those earmarks, that less than 1 percent, but we need to focus on treading earmarks perhaps for ANWR.”

Murkowski: “We need to make sure that we enforce the laws that are currently on the books but what we should not be doing is we should not be looking to East Germany as a model for our security.”

Miller: “Last time I checked East Germany was no longer a nation but not withstanding the fact I will tell you senator that I’m absolutely shocked that you would sit back and talk about how we need to secure our border when you voted repeatedly against funding the fence. Repeatedly not once but in 2006, 2007 and 2009. The fact of the matter is when we have legislation that’s passed to build a fence, it needs to be built and that’s the first step.”

Murkowski: “I think it’s important Alaskans look at this race. They need to know whether or not any of the three of us can take this state into the future. Scott is not ready to lead, Joe is not fit to lead. I have been leading this state for 8 years and I will continue to do so bringing the seniority that I have built, the work ethic that I have built and the passion for a state that I love. I ask Alaskans for their support on November 2nd most respectfully, thank you.”

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