Kentucky Showdown

Conway and Paul clash over cap and trade, jobs, health care and more during debate Monday night.

Important issue/job one:

Paul: “Jobs and the recession but I think also how government interacts with that.”

Paul: “We need to be sending less money to Washington.”

Paul: “we need to have more respect” for how individual businesses create jobs, says Obama is adding more regulatory burdens.

Paul: “The president … is going to keep us from getting out of” the recession.

Conway: Touts jobs plan on his website. Says “I’m a different type of Democrat.”

Conway: “We need to provide incentives to the private sector to create the jobs of the future.”

Paul: Says it all comes down to whether you believe in more or less regulations.

Paul: “The president’s regulatory bill … is exactly wrong.”


Conway: “I don’t support the bailouts.”

Conway: Says it’s not ok to sit back and watch people lose their homes.

Foreign policy and war:

Conway: Says allies should “step up and help us bare some of these costs.”

Paul: Says that the country should go to war “reluctantly.” Says while he supported post-9/11 invasions, says some questions should be raised about why we’re in Afghanistan 10 years later.

Social Security:

Paul: On MSNBC appearance “Boy was that a squirm-fest.”

Paul: “The career politicians were squandering this.”

Paul: With the baby boomers retiring, “we have to figure out how to pay for it.”

Tea Party:

Paul: “People are tired of the career politicians.”

On lunch counter provision:

Conway: Says video shows that he’s seeking to modify the lunch counter provision — says we solved those issues a half century ago.


Paul: “I’m not opposed to the ADA.”

Paul: “I don’t think we’re very good at nation building.”

Paul: Says he wants to be part of the conversation about “how long is long enough.”

Conway: “I think before you ever commit troops” you need to understand the human toll, possible end date and goal.

Health care:

Conway: “I would like to fix the health care bill … it’s not a perfect bill.”

Paul: “Under ObamaCare, deductibles are already going up.”

Paul: “There’s a lot of shuffling of money going around.”

Paul: Says he would like to see a more “market-oriented approach.”

Paul: “President Obama really is probably the most anti-business president we’ve ever had.”

Paul: “President Obama …  is a disaster for our country … he’s bankrupting us and you sit … over there and support his policies.”


Conway: “He said 2,000 dollar deductible.” Says the same thing happened with the fair tax. Says Paul now has to run from his own words.

Paul to Conway: “You have a simplistic world view …”

Conway: “Are you talking down to me?”

Paul: “You don’t really want to present the whole facts.” Says Conway forgets to mention that they’re talking about eliminating the income tax.

Paul: “You don’t listen. You over simply things into sound bites because all you care about is winning.”


Paul: “I’m 100% pro life … ” Says he would  “support a human life amendment to the Constitution.”

Conway: “Abortion ought to be as rare as we can make it … but safe and legal.” Says his view resembles Libertarian view in that government should not be telling women what to do.


Conway: Says money needs to go into early childhood education to prevent dropouts, promote reading skills. Adds that the federal government should assist college students financially so they can stay in school/don’t have to drop out because of funding. Would not cut federal money to Pell Grants

Paul: “The Department of Education basically has doubled in size.” Calls No Child Left Behind is a “mistake.”

Paul: Says there’s extreme dislike for unfunded mandates.

Paul: Calls for more local control of schools.

Cap and Trade:

Paul: I think cap and trade would be a disaster.

Paul: “Kentucky will not tolerate ambivalence on this.”

Conway: “I’m against cap and trade … I will stand up for the Kentucky coal industry.”

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