Reid Speculates Angle’s in “Cheney’s Bunker”


Leader discusses opponent’s absence from interviews, addresses questions of his “manhood” in MSNBC interview.

Interview with “The Ed Show” highlights:

On Angle telling him to man up:

— “I’ve never had to prove my manhood to anyone.”

On why “The Ed Show” couldn’t get an interview with her:

–“She doesn’t do interviews … you had to catch her … on the run.

— Says she must be in a “bunker” somewhere, “I don’t know if it’s Cheney’s bunker, but some kind of a bunker someplace.”

— Says he would be in one too if he made some of the statements she made.

On Angle’s views/statements:

— “She is extreme … she is dangerous and embarrassing to the state of Nevada.”

On Reid’s standing:

— “I’m comfortable where I am today.”

— “Nevada for 20 years was at the top of the economic food chain … when Wall Street collapsed … we had farther to fall than any other state.”

On Hispanics:

“The Hispanic population already turned against her pretty hard — the fire was burning — but what she’s done the last few days — she’s poured gasoline on this fire.”

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