Bay State Debate

Massachusetts gov. candidates address fiscal crisis, wind energy, standardized tests and more during debate Thursday night.

Patrick: “I want to finish what we started.”

Stein (Green Party): “I can advance the win-win solutions” because she doesn’t accept money from special interests.

Baker: “I don’t think we’re doing anywhere near enough” to get the economy going again.

Cahill (State Treasurer) : “I’m in this race to give this state independent leadership.”

Cahill: “We need to end the partisanship and the bickering.”

Fiscal problems:

Baker: “This state will balance its book and live within its means.”

Baker: Says residents “assume” action on Beacon Hill will be “bad.”

Stein: Says they can trim health care. “Why not go after the waste and the red tape that is costing us millions?”

Patrick: Says property taxes, T fares, tolls go up if Baker’s plan is enacted.

Patrick: “The question is what’s the right balance.”

Patrick : Says Baker wants to cut education — “We should be investing in education — I think that is a better choice for the people of the Commonwealth for the right now and for the future.”

Cahill: “I am pledging not to raise taxes.”

Baker: “I don’t think the news is mixed at all — I think the news is bad.”

Death penalty:

Cahill: “Once convicted and decided by a jury … I would support it.”

Baker: “There are crimes that justify the ultimate punishment.” Says specifically if someone kills a law enforcement officer.

Stein: “It’s actually not a deterrent … it should be about effective deterrents … rehabilitation.”

Patrick: Says even in extreme circumstances, “death by incarceration is the right outcome.”

Standardized testing:

Patrick: “As someone who personally stinks at standardized tests … I continue to think …” an MCAS is the reason why “we are lifting schools.”

Baker, Stein and Cahill address problems with the test.

Wind power projects/wood burning biomass:

Stein: Wood burning biomass is “unjustified.”

Patrick: “Small scale biomass … makes sense.”

Patrick: On wind: “What we have to be about … is a lot of local involvement.” Says one of two levels of appeals should allowed.

Cahill: “I hope it doesn’t pass and I wouldn’t sign that bill … I don’t believe we should take local control away from communities.”

Cahill: “Wind alone is not going to solve out problems.” Says they need to look at nuclear, natural gas, out of state sources for cheaper electricity. Says the state’s high electricity rates limit job growth.

Baker: Agrees with Patrick on biomass and agrees with Cahill (says he would not sign the bill). “It does effect our ability to grow jobs.”


Patrick: “Our budget is balanced.”

Baker: “If we’re serious about getting people back to work … we can’t go back to the taxpayers again.”

Stein: Says health care should be cut, “there’s enormous waste.” Says they should be providing support to small businesses.

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