42 Tells Floridians “You Don’t Have a Choice”

Bill Clinton tells  Thursday rally, “If you want more jobs for Florida you have to vote for Alex Sink for governor.”

“You are so lucky that somebody with her experience, her gifts, her commitments has presented herself for governor.”

“If this were a normal election, and this guy was running against her with all the problems he’s got and no experience, she’d be 25 points ahead.”

“If you watched the debate last night, it was obvious only one of them knew anything about state government.”

“It was a very deep hole. At least we quit digging, don’t bring back the shovel brigade.”

“[For Rick Scott] This is a name-calling contest hoping people won’t think and hoping that you won’t hear and won’t vote.”

“On election day, I want you to show Mr. Scott that you were paying attention.”

“We stopped digging, we’re building our way out”

“This is not about name-calling, this is a job.”

“She changed the way the state worked and saved hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“This is a job: where are we now, what are we going to do, who’s going to do it? The rest of it all is just background music.”

“She is the only person who said anything what the state can do to help small businesses hire more people.”

“She is the only one with an economic plan.”

“If you want more jobs for Florida you have to vote for Alex Sink for governor.”

“If you elect her governor I can just see it now, she will sit down with every banker in this state and say, ‘Just tell me what we have to do to get  back in the lending business to create small businesses…'”

“Florida could produce more solar power than Germany…We shouldn’t have to import any oil,. We shouldn’t have to ruin your future with climate change. We shouldn’t have to drill off-shore and risk your future, environmental health and tourism economy.”

“Don’t believe these attacks on her, she’s the one that’s created jobs…You don’t have a choice, you have to vote Alex Sink for governor.”

“Miami Dade is a testament to good citizenship.”

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