Halperin’s Take: The Democrats’ Next Move

On “Andrea Mitchell”, Mark Halperin says Democrats have to lock in ad buys, choose where to hold and where to fold.


Mitchell: “Mark halperin, in your travels around the country what are you seeing? Are you seeing any late shifts, there’s obviously a narrowing going on, but anything significant that you can report from the grassroots?”

Halperin: “Well I think that there are some races where Democrats are putting as much money as they can and to try to save the majority in the House — again, I think most everyone agrees that’s going to be difficult — and some of these focus Senate races, particularly out in California. There’s a bit of a chess game, more complicated because you do have this outside money. In theory they’re not supposed to be coordination between the parties and the campaign committees and the candidates and the outside groups but people send signals to each other. And I think what’s going on now is some really tough choices. Today is the day really where people have to lock in their television buys for the next couple weeks. And so I think at the grassroots people are looking at where Democrats can still save themselves and then the campaigns and the other people spending money are looking to shift money to those places to try to save as many seats as possible.”

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