West Virginia Senate Candidates Square Off

Manchin, Raese, Johnson and Becker talk cap-and-trade, tax cuts, health care and more during debate for Senator Byrd’s former seat.

Raese connects Manchin with Obama policies, former governor replies: “Well I hate to inform my opponent but Mr. Obama’s name will not be on the ballot.”  

Raese: Says unemployment is “catastrophic.” Says “My forté is creating jobs.”

Raese on earmarks: “It creates what are called career politicians.”

Manchin: “The federal government … should be your partner … not your provider.”

Manchin: Says the returns on the money that’s invested should be “transparent.”

Johnson: “We are an organic country of great promise … that’s what we have to preserve…” against “imbalances.”

Manchin (help deficit): “A balanced budget amendment is needed in the federal government.”

Manchin: “That must be done and should be done very quickly.”

Raese: Hits Manchin for stimulus, says his acceptance of money was “rather odd.”

Manchin: “We did not support the second round of stimulus.”

Manchin: “In West Virginia … we’re able to take care of ourselves.”

Tax cuts:

Raese: “I’m for the tax cut … and making them permanent.”

Manchin: “We have cut taxes in West Virginia … an unheard of amount.”

Manchin: “We have a proven record that it works.”

Johnson: “Adamantly against” tax cuts.

Becker: “We need to phase out as many of these federal programs as we can.”

On coal mining/cap and trade:

Johnson: “The trade element … creates … an unregulated market.”

Raese: “It’s about controlling manufacturing.”

Raese: Says it is a “myth that there is global warming” and that man causes global warming.

Manchin: On Obama — “He is dead wrong on cap and trade.”

Manchin: “We need to do everything possible in West Virginia to be totally energy independent.”


Manchin: “We must support our troops.”

Manchin: “You have to listen to your … commanders.”

Raese: “When Gen. McChrystal requested troops… he only got 70%”

Raese: “When they request the troops you have to do it 100%. My philosophy has always been very simple: We win, you lose.”

Health care:

Raese: “I don’t like socialism, to tell you the truth.”

Raese: “I’d like to repeal every part of it, because it is pure unadulterated socialism — it is the worst bill that has ever come out of the United States Senate and House.”

Manchin: “I’m not prepared to scrap the entire bill.”

Manchin: “I’m not prepared to tell somebody who might have had cancer or black lung that ‘I’m sorry — you can’t buy insurance.'”

Manchin: “There’s a lot of good … we ought to try to fix what we have.”

Johnson: “It’s not Socialism at all — it’s Capitalism on steroids.”

Minimum wage:

Raese: “It’s too low. I don’t like government setting price controls … wage controls.”

Raese: “Not like Manchin and Obama, they enjoy people working for $7.25  — quite frankly, I don’t.”


Manchin: “Well I hate to inform my opponent but Mr. Obama’s name will not be on the ballot.”

Raese: “There are choices in this election.”

Raese: “When you have people like Obama, and certainly Manchin, you have to be concerned about the future” because they are agree on most issues that affect businesses.

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