Angle Straight at Reid

Silver State Republican challenger goes after Leader Reid in debate in Las Vegas Thursday. 

Reid calls her “extreme.”

Debate’s focus is on Obama-Reid record, taxes, ObamaCare.

Reid: Intense and determined.

Angle: Relentless and smiley.

No big news or errors.

In other words: Not a game changer.

Angle campaign statement: “Senator Reid is behind in the polls, trailing in fundraising, and did nothing tonight to change the trajectory of this race.”

Debate highlights:

Angle: “I’m not a career politician. I’m a mother and a grandmother.”

Angle: “Sen. Reid has been a politician for more than 30 years.”

Angle: “Tonight you will see the difference between Harry Reid and big government and Sharron Angle and limited, constitutional government.”

(Find out what Reid has to say about Angle’s “Wild Ideas” on abortion, restraining orders and more here.)


Reid: “We have a system in America that is broken and needs to be fixed.” Calls for comprehensive reform and “we have to work together on the issue.”

Angle: “What we have here is an illegal alien problem and the solution is simple, secure the borders, enforce the laws … and we should be supporting Arizona.”

Angle: “Sen. Reid you’ve allowed 11 foreign countries to dictate our immigration law — that’s just nuts.”

Reid: “The number one issue here is comprehensive immigration reform.”

Reid: “We cant keep talking about it.”

On attack ads/proving claims that Reid helps illegal aliens:

Angle: “He voted to give them the benefits of our Social Security.”

Reid: “My opponent didnt answer the question … everything she has said in that ad is false … I’ve never voted for tax breaks for people who are here that are illegal.”

Reid: “That is not the law in this country. She knows it and she should stop saying it.”

On official language:

Angle: Says she’s support a constitutional amendment making English the official language.

Reid: Says it’s already the official language.

(Report: Majority of Nevada’s Senate campaign donations come from outside the state. Read more here.)

Health care:

Reid: “We passed health insurance reform because we had no choice.”

Reid: “We had to do health insurance reform to maintain competitive in the world economy — and it creates jobs.”

Reid: “We did focus on foreclosure first.” — says they acted on mortgage fraud.

Angle: “ObamaCare cut a half a trillion dollars out of medicare …”

Angle: “It also cost us a half a trillion dollars in new taxes.”

Angle: “We need to get the government out of the process.”

Angle: “The solutions … are free market.”

Reid: “The facts are wrong.”

Reid: “Medicare advantage people in the state of Nevada are going to pay less.”

Reid: “My opponent doesn’t like any insurance companies to have to do anything.” Mentions stance on mammograms, autism, maternity leave, etc.

Reid: “That’s really extreme.”

Angle: “America is a country of choices, not forcing people to buy things that they don’t need.”

Reid: “Insurance companies … don’t do things out of the goodness of their hearts, they do it out of a profit motive and they have almost destroyed our economy.”

Angle: “Pink ribbons are not going to make people have a better insurance plan.” Says competitions leads to better plans.


Reid: “There’s plenty of blame to go around.” (addressing whether the blame should be on Obama or Bush).

Reid: “We passed Wall Street reform that will stop these greedy bankers on Wall Street from taking advantage of home owners.”

Reid: In answer to question of whether Obama deserves as much blame as Bush — “Of course not.”

Angle (in answer to question — do you think the unemployed are spoiled): “No.”

Angle: “We need to get Nevada back to work.” Says you need to encourage private sector.

Angle (In answer to question — do you believe that getting jobs for Nevadans is not your job?): “I believe that my job is to create the policies that will encourage the private sector to do what they do best and that is to create jobs.”

Reid: “My job is to create jobs. What’s she’s talking about is extreme…we have to do this.”

Angle: “Harry Reid — it’s not your job to create jobs. It’s your job to create policies that create the confidence for the private sector to create those jobs.”

On Supreme Court:

Reid: “I don’t agree with Scalia’s opinions lots of times but his is a … masterful mind. He does good things.”

Reid: “He is really an example to anyone who appreciates the law.”

Angle: “I admire Clarence Thomas because he understands his constitutional boundaries.”

On gay rights:

Angle: Hits Reid for bill on DADT.

Reid: “She simply doesnt understand what went on in Washington.”

Angle: “We should be looking at that review before we make bills based on that review.”

(Justice Asks For DADT Ruling Delay. Find out more on The Page.)

On Social Security:

Angle (on why she switched from privatized to personalized): “Personalized covers both private and public.”

Yucca Mountain:

Reid: “Yucca Mountain is not good for the country and it is really bad for Nevada.”

Reid: “We need to use it for something else.”

Reid: “I’m not against nuclear power.”

Angle: “We need to quit demonizing the nuclear energy industry.”

Angle: “We have to stop with this extreme environmental outlook.”


Angle: On federal level — “It’s an agency that makes one size fits all policy that fits no one.”

Reid: “We need to protect the Department of Education.”

On Reid income:

Angle: “You’re one of the richest men in the U.S. Senate … We’d like to know, how did you become so wealthy on a government payroll?”

Reid: “That’s really kind of a low blow.” Says he was a successful lawyer who did a good job investing.

Reid: “Her suggestion that I made money being a Senator is simply false and I’m really disappointed that she would suggest that.”

Angle campaign statement:

“Tonight, the grandmother from Reno out-debated the Senate’s Majority Leader giving a victory to Nevada over Washington’s failed status quo. Harry Reid effectively proved why he is directly to blame for the state’s economic problems while Sharron presented her plan for smaller government and lower taxes. Senator Reid is behind in the polls, trailing in fundraising, and did nothing tonight to change the trajectory of this race. With early voting just days away, Sharron Angle is now in position to save Nevada from another term of Harry Reid.”

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