Oh No He Didn’t!

On Fox News, Rove hits back at Gibbs with sign of his own, says WH has no credibility on foreign donor accusations.


MacCallum: “Now the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs now making some sarcastic comments off camera. He held up a blank piece of paper basically and he said, ‘Well let me do this: I’m releasing our enemies list. Oh look, no one is on it. Now can I see the donors to American Crossroads?’ Which refers to¬† the group that Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie have raised money for for Republican Candidates. So who better to address all this than this gentleman right here, Karl Rove the former Senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush. He’s also a Fox News contributor. Karl, good morning. Good to see ya.”

Rove: “Good morning. Good morning. I’m happy to respond to Mr. Gibbs’ request for a list of the foreign contributors to American Crossroads. There it is right there. Zero. Zero. Zero. In fact, you know while we’re at it, let’s talk about the president’s evidence for the accusation that the Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads had foreign donors. It is nada, no evidence whatsoever, the president made this charge on the basis of. Which leaves us with: What’s the White House’s credibility on this issue? None. None.”

MacCallum: “I’m glad you built all those graphics Karl because it’s saving us a lot of time back here.”

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