Report: DCCC Cuts Back in 12 Districts

National Journal reports Dem committee canceling or reducing ad buys in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and more.

On MSNBC, Mark Halperin says expect more negative ads soon as Democrats and Obama fight to shape the end-game narrative.

According to the National Journal, the DCCC cuts back in the following races:

— Dahlkemper in Pennsylvania
— Kosmas in Florida
— Driehaus in Ohio
— Haaften in Indiana
— Herron in Tennessee
— Moore in Kansas
— Kissell in North Carolina
— Edwards in Texas
— Kagen in Wisconsin
— Berry in Arkansas
— Carney in Delaware
— Richmond in Louisiana


Halperin: “I think Chris we’re going to see a lot of those ads. Remember one of the cards still left to play in a lot of these House races is House Democratic candidates have a lot of money in the bank. I’d just go back to talking about immigration and energy and these other issues. They’re not popular. There’s not a pollster in the world who would tell the president that’s what he should be running on. I think it’s a bullworth moment for them. If he wants to try to give themselves some sort of mandate, some sort of way to go forward after the midterms, I think he needs to start telling the country again, ‘I want to do big things. Let the politics take care of themselves.’ The way they’re going now I think he’s going to end up with the worst of both worlds: losing a lot of seats and also not laying down any marker for what he wants to do next.”

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