Palin: “Almost Sinful” Not to Learn From Reagan


In Newsmax interview with Michael Reagan, former Guv gives her views on Reaganism, repealing ObamaCare, Sharia Law in America and the Tea Party becoming a third party.


Reagan: “Do you think we can learn from what my father did in the nineteen-eighties and apply it today.”

Palin: “It’s almost sinful to think we wouldn’t learn from what your father applied to get the economy back on the right track to secure our nation. And he called it like he saw it. I think the foundation that Ronald Reagan had was this great belief in American exceptionalism. He knew that it started and ended with “We the People” — we were going to be different more unique than any other nation because it was going to be about self-governance and it wasn’t going to be about growing government to rule us it was going to be a self-rule by individuals… All those things that we have–fortune situation to today of being able to hold onto to look backward from him and apply. We’re idiots if we don’t apply it.”

Reagan: “If Congress is changed again. And we go back to a Republican House, a Republican Senate. Do you think we have a chance to repeal Obamacare with that.”

Palin: “Darn right we have a chance to repeal Obamacare. And that’s why we need to fire those people who didn’t get it the first go-around. They didn’t even read the bill much less understand what they going to shove down our throat.”

Reagan: “Newt Gingrich has talked about Sharia Law. How concerned are you about Sharia Law coming into this country–part of it is already here. And Muslims living by Sharia Law–remember we’re seen as infidels, the great satin, what have you–what concern to do you have?”

Palin: “Americans will never stand for Sharia Law being the law of the land whether it be affecting just a segment of the population, a demographic certainly not in its entirety all over our country. Americans will not stand for this because Americans are smart enough to know Sharia Law if it were to be adopted, allowed to govern in our country. It will be the downfall of America. And too many Americans are on to this already and starting to rise up and send that message to our federal official and say no we will not put up with any hint of Sharia Law being any sort of law of the land.”

Reagan: “I just want to ask you do you ever see this [Tea Party] movement or any reason that this movement would have to go and be a third party or can they maintain where they are and hold the Republican Party accountable.”

Palin: “I recall that eighteen-sixty the Whig Party went away and the new Republican Party was formed and they elected Abraham Lincoln eventually there because the Whig Party in power wasn’t doing what the people wanted it to do; and holding it accountable so things change. So it is possible. However, I don’t believe that the Tea Party needs to ever, at this point, become a party with positions and titles and power struggles in part of a machine. I think that diminishes that wonderful grassroots power the movement of the people that makes the Tea Party so beautiful and so valuable. It’s really really good for both parties both sides of the aisle. It is holding politicians accountable. I think it’s been this great up-rising that our democracy has need so desperately.”

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