Halperin’s Take: The Foreign Boogeymen

On “Morning Joe,” Mark Halperin talks about Democrats continuing to make the foreign money/Chamber charge that isn’t necessarily relevant to voters.

Scarborough: “Mark Halperin, this is their strategy now. They’ve adopted this strategy attacking the Chamber of Commerce and talking about foreign sources.”

Halperin: “Even if it worked, even if the press weren’t pushing back against it, I’m not sure how they think this appeals to voters to call out the Chamber of Commerce for allegedly using foreign money. It also seems a little strange to be demonizing the foreign. No one’s advocating law-breaking but this boogey-word that they’re using, ‘foreign,’ as if somehow anything that’s foreign is bad….Also just talking incessantly about making accusations against the Chamber of Commerce, not some shadowy group, the chamber. They’re trying to smoke the chamber out I guess and have them release who their donors are so they can get some billionaires and millionaires to go after. It’s not going to happen and it’s just not relevant to voters and for the president of the United States and the vice-president of the United States to keep up a lie with no basis where they say, ‘Well the chamber has to prove they’re not using foreign money,’ it’s really mystifying.”

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