Dems Not Backing Off Foreign Money Charge

MSNBC’s Guthrie reports WH officials say they will continue linking GOP and alleged foreign donors.

Guthrie: “This is a White House definitely in campaign mode. The president’s going to have one of these big rallies tonight here in Washington actually on the campus of George Washington University. He was in Miami last night at a couple of fundraisers for congressional races down there. One thing I noticed, he didn’t renew the attack on the money, the idea that these Republican groups are funneling money into Republican campaigns. He didn’t mention the Chamber of Commerce. I just got off the phone with somebody here, a senior official, who said it’s not because they’re dropping that argument, they aren’t, but more because he shortened his speech. So we will hear that argument again. And we heard it from Vice-President Biden, basically issuing a challenge to the Chamber of Commerce saying, ‘Show me the money. Show me that you don’t use foreign dues to funnel money into campaigns here in the US.’ The chamber says, ‘We do not and that’s that.’ So this is one of the areas the White House certainly concentrating on a lot. We’re going to see the president, as I said, out on the campaign trail. He’ll be in Boston this weekend. He’s got a joint event with the First Lady in Ohio on Sunday among other things.”

Halperin: “Savannah, he’s got a bunch of events already announced. You just listed some of them, some national townhall meetings. Do we expect there to be more, do we expect that his schedule between now and November 2nd’s going to be filled out or is that it?”

Guthrie: “No, I think it’s practically wall-to-wall campaigning. There’s obviously a big West Coast swing. Next week he’s going to be in California. He’s got this townhall actually on MTV, BET and CMT on Thursday. He’s going to be in Oregon. I mean, if you block out the schedule between now and November 2nd, it’s not a 100 percent campaigning but there’s a lot of campaigning.”

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