Apology Not Accepted

Whitman tells Brown his campaign’s language is “not befitting of California …[or]… the office you’re running for” during debate Tuesday.

Brown’s apology included caveats and push backs.

Whitman: “The California dream is broken.”

Brown: We need to “rise above poisonous partisanship.”

Brown: “I think I can fix it.”

On budget:

Whitman: “We have got to run the government more efficiently and effectively.”

Brown: “We’re all unrealistic when it comes to pain or sacrifices…”

Brown: “The budget process has to start not in January … I want to start this budget process in November.”

On Proposition 13:

Whitman: “I want to defend Proposition 13” — calls it “absolutely essential.”

Brown: Addresses not voting with it initially, then says “I was the one [who] made it work.”

On taxes:

Brown: “Taxes went down when I was governor.”

Whitman: “It’s a half answer and therefore it’s a dishonest answer.” Says “spending went up 120%.”

Brown: “I’d like to ask you how much money will you save if this tax break went into effect?”

Whitman: “You have been part of the war on jobs for 40 years.”

Brown: “We have something called a business cycle … we get booms and we get busts … we always come back.”

Brown: “I don’t have to learn on the job…” Says he’s submitted eight budgets — most of which were on time or only slightly delayed.

Whitman: “The governor has got to have a plan and a way forward.”

Whitman: “We need a fresh approach, a different approach.”

Pension reform:

Brown: “The pensions are only paid by the stock market, the employer and the employee.”

Whitman: Says Brown’s statements are “a little do as I say, not as I do.”

Whitman: “I am spending my own money in this race … I will not owe anything to anybody” except the voters.

On crude language/ Brown campaign recorded conversation:

Brown: “I don’t agree with that comparison.” (addressing Brokaw saying to some, it’s comparable to using the “n-word”)

Brown: “The campaign apologized promptly … It’s unfortunate, I’m sorry it happened.”

Whitman: “That is a deeply offensive term.”

Brown: Says it was a “five-week-old private conversation” and the recording was “garbled.” Also says he doesn’t know that it was legal to record the conversation and that it’s something that happened behind the scenes of the campaign.

Whitman: “The fact that you are defending your campaign … it’s not befitting of California … the office you’re running for.”

Whitman: “It”s not just me but the people of California who deserve better than slurs.”

On AB32:

Whitman: “We can be green and smart” — says jobs need to be first priority.

Brown: Says it won’t kill jobs.

Whitman: “I think Jerry Brown needs to get out and campaign more.”

On not voting/use of funds:

Whitman: “I am not proud of my voting record … I apologize to the people of California.”

Whitman: Says ability to invest her own money “allows me to be independent … to go to Sacramento with no strings attached.”

On border/immigration:

Whitman: “We have to have a temporary guest worker program.”

Whitman: Says she has a better plan than Arizona.

Brown: “This is a federal government responsibility.”

On Prop 19:

Whitman: “This is not the right thing for our young people.”

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