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Obama cheers on daughter Malia at match in D.C. Saturday morning.

Spends afternoon playing golf at Andrews AFB.

Pool report 1:

News: President Obama is watching daughter Malia play soccer in Northwest Washington.
Color: A resident on the street where our multi-car motorcade is idling is worried about his Comcast service appointment making it.
Tick-tock: Under gorgeous skies with big puffy clouds, the travel pool motorcade left the White House at 9:20 a.m. After an uneventful trip and stopping at most lights, we turned onto Rock Creek Parkway.
We exited Mass Ave and passed by VP Biden’s house (thought VPOTUS is in Delaware.)
We stopped at 9:32 a.m. on a wooded street near Hearst Recreation Center.
Ben Finkenbinder, dressed in sporty garb, said he believes the president is watching Malia’s game.
A resident on the street where we’re stopped asked our driver if his Comcast appointment would still make it between 8 and 11. Driver told worried man we would probably be gone by then.
Your pooler and most on duty today did not glimpse the president at either end, but a photographer snapped one photo as we left the White House. Obama was wearing sneakers, dark shades, a white shirt and what looked to be a blue windbreaker.

Pool report 2:

News: President Obama is golfing at Andrews Air Force base

Color: Minimal, non-POTUS-related, see below.

Tick-tock: Picking up from the soccer game, at 11:04 a.m. your pooler spotted Reggie Love leaving the soccer field carrying a small blue cooler. He put it in the back of one of the SUVs and we were rolling back to the White House.

As we passed the field we could see Malia’s game had ended, no word on the score. We arrived back at White House at 11:19 a.m.

Motorcade was rolling again at 1230 p.m. Photographers captured shot of Obama, who was wearing a short-sleeved white shirt and a khaki-colored baseball cap. Uneventful trip to arrive at Andrews at 12:58 p.m.

Pooler spotted Obama, in brown pants, getting out of the car and greeting fellow golfers. A few dozen were lined up taking cell phone pics.

Pool will be holding at the PX. Will send golf partners when we learn them.

An update from our last excursion. While your pool waited in vans we watched three little boys playing catch and pondering whether our motorcade on their street meant Obama was actually there watching the game.

“I don’t know,” one of the boys said. “He’s probably got a lot of stuff to do.”

Your pooler also had a chance to chat with the worried Comcast customer from our first report. Comcast did indeed show up and hook up his Internet service.

Pool report 3:

Thanks to Mark Knoller for this stat:

Today is President Obama’s 52nd golf outing since taking office.

Obama’s golfing partners are regulars with him on the green:

Trip director Marvin Nicholson
Press aide Ben Finkenbinder
Dept. of Energy’s David Katz

Pool is hanging out in the food court. Poolers tell me the Taco Bell has recently been remodeled. It was closed two weeks ago.

Pool report 4:

News: President Obama completed 18 rounds of golf in about 4 hours and returned to the White House for the evening.

Color: Sorry.

Tick-tock: Pool loaded vans around 4:45 after an uneventful wait at the food court. (Did YOU know Captain D’s sells chocolate cake?)

A few minutes before we left, we couldn’t see the president, but judging from the crowd it seems possible he was posing for pics with golfers.

At 5:30 the motorcade was on the move. We arrived back at the White House at 5:54 after uneventful drive.

As pool went back inside we briefly spotted Malia Obama on the balcony of the residence with her grandma Marian Robinson.

Lid called. Cheering ensued.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed West Wing staffer who reminds me that no, President Obama did not play 18 rounds of golf today. Make that 18 holes, folks. Sorry for the confusion.

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