Scarborough to Cuomo: Change Before It’s Too Late

On “Morning Joe,” host says NY Attorney General’s rocky Empire State media relationships will bite him if he becomes governor.


Scarborough: “There is a quite resentment among the media people in New York for Andrew Cuomo…The press people are angry with him. He’s too clever by half. He calls whether it’s the New York Times or the New York Post or the Daily News and he does it on his terms…Andrew Cuomo, you’re being too clever by half. The Media always wins…If Andrew Cuomo knows what he’s doing, if he’s as a smart as you say he is, he’s going to start reaching out to the New York Times, to the New York Post, to the New York Daily News, to the local stations around here. Because if he doesn’t, the second he becomes governor, they’re going to take him down. Am I not right?”

Halperin: “A hundred percent. It’s amazing to me that a guy that smart doesn’t see it.”

Scarborough: “Well you know what, the Obama people didn’t see it. They thought they were special and then…”

Halperin: “Raised their right arm and cut right off.”

Scarborough: “The media wins in the end.”

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