Boehner: “Do You Have to Take It? Hell No You Don’t.”

Minority Leader tells Ohio rally, “I can promise you if we are given the opportunity to govern, we will do things differently.”


“Let me be crystal clear, this speech is about jobs. Why? Because the American people are asking about jobs.”

“It looks a lot like the reports we’ve seen every month since President Obama signed the stimulus into law.”

“Do we want another 2 years of job killing policies coming out of Washington or have we had enough?”

“Five hundred miles from here in Washington a spending binge is going on.”

“The pink slips that are going to the workers here in Ohio should be going to President Obama’s economic team.”

“They mocked us for asking for more time so Americans could see what was in the bill. They said it was political suicide. My colleagues and I stood together and said no.”

“They ignored the people and rammed it through anyway.”

“The Pledge is not an all inclusive party platform.”

“…we need to stop spending and to get all of this done we need to change Congress now.”

“And I can promise you if we are given the opportunity to govern we will do things differently. The American people deserve nothing less.”

“Your government has not been listening. Your government has been disrespecting you, your job, your children…Do you have to take it? Hell no you don’t.”

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