Strickland v. Kasich

Incumbent gov., former congressman clash on solar energy, “somewhere over the rainbow” education plans, trade and more in Toledo, Ohio Thursday.


Kasich: “I’ve returned to public life for this reason– I believe … we can make government more efficient and effective.”

Solar industry:

Kasich: “It’s one of the things we ought to do … But Ohio needs not just one industry … we need a portfolio of businesses.”

Strickland: “Energy is certainly one of those core strengths.”

Strickland: “We’re going to be the first state to actually deploy wind out in Lake Erie.”

Kasich: “You’ve lost 397,000 jobs.” Accuses Strickland of making “11th hour promises.”

Kasich: “I don’t think your administration understands … how to promote entrepreneurship.”

On cuts:

Strickland: “Education will remain a priority.”

Strickland: “I have demonstrated that I am willing to make cuts.” Mentions cuts in state employees.

Kasich: “Less government, lower taxes, commonsense regulations, trained workers — that is the answer … I will not raise taxes, he absolutely will.”

Kasich: “You raised taxes. It is undeniable.”


Kasich: “When you’re 46th in America in putting dollars in the classroom … you’ve taken power away from teachers, you’ve taken resources away from students.”

Strickland: “There are no unfunded mandates in the evidence-based model.” Touts funding from Race to the Top initiative.

Kasich: “The governor’s education program is somewhere over the rainbow, frankly. There’s no money in it.”

Kasich: “Superintendents in small districts are saying uncle.”


Strickland: “I oppose NAFTA … it has cost Ohio jobs.”

Kasich: “The reason we’re losing is we’re not competitive.”

Kasich: Says he wanted to “have the governor start calling the president and tell him get on the ball on this so we have fair trade and not just being ripped off by people that manipulate the currency.”

Strickland: “Welcome to my world congressman. I’ve been arguing about China’s manipulation of their currency for years.” Says he should talk to GOPers to support the bill on Chinese currency.

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