Silver Staters Spar Over Budget, Education

Sandoval targets Reid on taxes, while Leader’s son strikes GOPer for lack of concrete financial plans in Nevada gov. debate Thursday.

Sandoval: “My opponent has spent $3 million … lied about my record and hasn’t spent a single dollar talking abut his own.”

Sandoval: “Taxes. There is no bigger difference between my opponent and me.”

On budget:

Reid: “We need a 21st century government.”

Sandoval: “You would be laughed out of the legislature if you presented a budget with $615 million dollars of fantasy money.”

On teachers/whether to cut jobs:

Sandoval: “We’re going to have to back to 2007 levels … we’re going to have to continue the furloughs.”

Reid: “I have experience and I have a plan. Brian has neither.”

Reid: “Nobody knows what Brian would do because he hasn’t told us … he hasn’t described what he will cut … I have.”

Reid: “My balanced budget proposal will allow our state to progress.”

Reid: “Universities are not just an expense on our budget … they can create revenue.”

Sandoval: “There are going to be reductions … My plan does not call for any teacher layoffs … We have tough decisions to make.” (moderator: “I take that as a maybe.”)

Reid: “Absolutely not … my plan would not spend any less money than was spent in the last fiscal year on education.”

Reid: “What’s a fantasy here is Brian’s budget.”

On taxes:

At any time during the four years of your administration would you consider a sales tax on services — both said no.

–Mining tax – both said no

— Cigarette or alcohol tax – both said no

— Fuel tax – both said no

— Room tax – both said no

— State lottery – Sandoval ┬ásaid no, Reid said “I would consider a state lottery” if it would go toward education.

— Sandoval says Reid’s willingness to approve tax increases is a concern for potential businesses launching in Nevada.

— Reid says the state relies too much on tourism.

— Sandoval: “No tax ever created a job … that’s why my focus is going to be … personally involved in recruiting new businesses to the state of Nevada.”

On Arizona:

Sandoval: “I support the Arizona law. I think it was a valid response by the state of Arizona to a public safety issue there.” Says it was within the state’s rights.

Reid: “What we need is comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level.”

On health care:

Sandoval: “I don’t support the health care bill. I do support the litigation that is occurring in the state of Florida.”

Sandoval: “It is driving premiums up.”

Reid: “I don’t support the litigation, I think it was politically motivated.”

Reid: “There is potential for it to put significant pressure on states because Medicaid rates could go up significantly … that’s why it’s so important that we pursue the Medicaid reforms that I described.”

Sandoval: “I think this law will have a devastating effect on the people of the state of Nevada.”

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